International Call for Expressions of Interest

Just two channels left: Antenne Deutschland has allocated 14 of the 16 channels on its national commercial DAB+ platform

About four decades after the start of commercial radio by local and regional FM radio stations, a long-awaited relevant cluster of national terrestrial radio programs will be launched in Germany in early October 2020 – and from the outset they’ll be using the future-proof digital standard DAB+. Platform operator Antenne Deutschland has now taken its key decisions regarding the allocation of the total of 16 channels on the ‘2nd DAB+ Bundesmux’ – Germany’s first and only national commercial DAB+ platform.

The following eight third party radio stations – half new* and half already road-tested – will be on the platform:

  • ANTENNE BAYERN – Germany’s most listened to private radio station
  • Drivers Classics by WIM*
  • A second program format by the ENERGY group in Germany*
  • JOKE FM – comedy and hits
  • PROFI Radio – the innovative special interest program for handymen and DIYers*
  • RTL – Germany’s hit radio
  • ROCK ANTENNE – The best rock non-stop for Germany!
  • TOGGO Radio – The new children and family radio from SUPER RTL*

Antenne Deutschland itself will be broadcasting another six own programs on the platform. We are currently talking to prestigious applicants regarding the last two of the 16 channels. The aim is to optimize the variety and impact of the range of stations.

The DAB+ platform will technically reach roughly 83 % of the German population** (approximately 67 million persons based on mobile outdoor coverage) already at launch.

We at National German Radio GmbH were exclusively commissioned by Antenne Deutschland with the market placement of the broadcasting capacities on the DAB+ platform which won’t be used by Antenne Deutschland for its own broadcasting activities.

In order to structure the domestic and international demand for nationwide DAB+ access in Germany, as well as to ensure diverse, attractive programming for listeners and the advertising market, we invited broadcasters, the private sector, and national and international media companies who had not previously had an opportunity to invest in the German radio market to submit expressions of interest in DAB+ channels for nationwide commercial radio stations or data services.

The above announcement of channel allocation is marking the near end of this procedure.

Registration ended Sunday, March 29, 2020, 24:00 h








**Conservative calculation by the network operator Media Broadcast.