Commercial national DAB+ platform launched

Finally nationwide radio is highly relevant also in Germany

By starting the service of its commercial private DAB+ platform (so-called 2nd DAB+ Bundesmux), Antenne Deutschland is writing a new chapter in German radio history. About four decades after the start of commercial radio by local and regional FM radio stations, a long-awaited relevant cluster of national terrestrial radio programs is finally on air also in Germany – and from the outset it is using the future-proof digital standard DAB+.

Antenne Deutschland not only operates the DAB+ platform, but is broadcasting own programs, too. The following channels already went on air: Absolut HOT, Absolut TOP, Absolut Bella und Absolut Oldie Classics.

In addition, the following ten third-party programs are available on the platform:

  • 80s80s Radio – Real 80s Radio
  • ANTENNE BAYERN – Germany’s most listened to private radio station
  • dpd – Driver’s Radio
  • Femotion Radio
  • Klassik Radio Movie
  • RTL – Germany’s hit radio
  • ROCK ANTENNE – The best rock non-stop for Germany!
  • Sportradio Deutschland
  • TOGGO Radio – The new children and family radio from SUPER RTL

The DAB+ platform will technically reach roughly 83 % of the German population* (approximately 67 million persons based on mobile outdoor coverage) already at launch.

We at National German Radio GmbH were exclusively commissioned by Antenne Deutschland with the market placement of the channels on the DAB+ platform which won’t be used by Antenne Deutschland for its own broadcasting activities.

Registration ended Sunday, March 29, 2020, 24:00 h








*Conservative calculation by the network operator Media Broadcast.